About us

Aleksandar company was founded in 1994. and is a privately-owned company with the headquarters in Novi Sad. The company's core activity is construction.
So far, Aleksandar company has built a total of 350,000 square metres of residental buildings and business premises in Novi Sad and Belgrade. During its existence, Aleksandar company has built an image of a very successful and solid company in the construction business as the result of the way we work, our quality and ability to meet the deadlines. Still, our biggest succes is the high number of our clients. The proof of this can be found in the loyalty shown by our buyers, as well as in a recent survey conducted by Ninamedia Agency from Novi Sad which shows that, when it comes to the quality of construction, Aleksandar company is at the very top. A multitude of constructed residential buildings with characteristic green fronts, mostly built in Grbavica, have been considered the company's ID for many years.
At first, Aleksandar company was engaged in building only small residential premises but now, as a result of extensive development during the last several years, the company is building high class residential and business premises in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Our primary goal is for our clients to be happy with the quality of the premises we build, in every way possible, and that by buying our homes or business facilties they are going to live and work in an environment tailor made to their wishes. We strive for such quality that will ensure that our customers, by working with us, permanently slove their housing needs.

We would like to be the market leader in investing in construction of housing and business premises in Vojvodina. We are confident that domestic and foreign investors will recognize a partner in us who is going to bring them not just quality, but also security in the field of construction engineering.


  • As some of the more signficant awards given to Aleksandar company, we would like to mention the following:
  • Mr. Vojislav Gajić won the third place in the category of the most successful businessman in 2011. in Novi Sad. (SCAN agency for research and development - by public opinion of Novi Sad)
  • Third place for the most successful company in Novi Sad in 2011. (SCAN agency for research and development - by public opinion of Novi Sad)
  • The most successful private company in 2009. in Novi Sad (Strategic marketing)
  • Mr Vojislav Gajić won second place in the category of the most successful entrepreneurs in 2009. in Novi Sad (Strategic marketing)
  • The Captain Miša Anastasijević Charter for the Best Host in 2007 – Hotel Aleksandar
  • The Captain Miša Anastasijević Charter for the Best Enterpreneur in 2007 – Mr. Vojislav Gajić
  • The Captain Miša Anastasijević Charter for the Best Medium Enterprise in 2007 – Aleksandar company


  • The City of Novi Sad, the municipal administration, and the City Inspection Secretariat have all acknowledged Aleksandar company for adhering to all known legal norms in construction. (March 2003)
  • The Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Novi Sad Secretariat have given the company the letter of thanks for a successful cooperation and contribution in executing activities concering general security. (June 2003)
  • The Novi Sad University, Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Children and Youth Health Protection from Novi Sad also gave Aleksandar company a letter of thanks for the company's charity work and providing funding for treating sick children.
  • Based on the Article 8 of the Articles of Association of the "7. juli" local community, and further from 30 years of the community's operations, the community's Council awarded Aleksandar company with a charter for humanitarian work and participation in charity campaigns. (July 2004)
  • Media Invent Company, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, The Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and TV Novi Sad have given Aleksandar company the following awards:
    The jury in a campaign entitled 'Choosing the Best in 2002', decided to award Mr. Vojislav Gajić with a certificate as the Best Enterpreneur in 2002. on the behalf of Aleksandar company (February 2003)
    Media Invent Company and the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce awarded Aleksandar company with a golden statue for quality. (December 2002)