Aleksandar bulevar centar Lokacija objekta

Stambeno - poslovni objekat

Aleksandar Boulevard Centre - modern facility in accordance with the time in which it was built, consists of two conceptual units, business and residential, the gross area of over 50,000 square meters. Location of the object is very attractive - it is situated on the main boulevard, the main vein of Novi Sad, by its content as well as its frequency of the population.

The residential facility, oriented towards Novosadski Sajam street, consists of three sections A, E and F, with a total of 196 residential units of different structures, the average area of 74m², which at the same time shows a higher standard of this building. Uncommon, and also new in our city is the wall height of 3.2 m light height.

A special feature in the residential area of this building are 8 luxury apartments that have separate direct entry from the elevator to the apartment, controlled by a sensor card, situated in block A, as well as the flats on the pulled back floor in all of the three blocks with a panoramic view of the city. They are characterized by large glass surfaces in the form of structural facades without parapets, and the area of the apartment is up to 300 square meters.

The residential part of the building operates independently with two controlled entrances from which you enter the plateau that represents yard, from which you continue to residential blocks.

Within the first three floors of the internal object there is a garage, physically and technically secured, with 250 parking spaces planned for the facility users.

Business building stretches down the Boulevard oslobodjenja and partially to Novosadskog Sajma street, which have separate entrances. The facade of the business building is constructed of durable structural materials.

Attractiveness of the business part of the building is "the tower", block D, which is located at the corner of Boulevard oslobođenja and Novosadskog Sajma street. Each floor has an average floor area of 600 sqm and floor height of 3.2 m.

The business part of the building consists also of sections B and C, towards the Boulevard oslobodjenja, which can be connected to section D if required. By its structure space of business blocks B, C, and D is "open space" which gives the possibility of combining by light partition walls on users request.

We emphasize that in the construction of this building we applied new construction materials and a higher level of construction technology, and with the construction of this building we set up new architectural standards in our city and beyond.


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